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Why all creatives should be writing

I'm in quite a writing phase at the moment. I love to write. Every moment I get I seem to be writing. Thoughts, hopes, dreams, plans, writing helps me sort out all the loose sheets in my head into one concise file with tabs and everything. I think whenever I'm going through some kind of transition in my life I just write it all out. Writing feels like pouring your soul out of the depths of the inside and not worrying about what anyone will say about it.

I think writing is a great tool for artists, it's no wonder that Julia Cameron's method of morning pages is such a hit among creatives. When you give yourself the time and space to write, you put your thoughts right in front of you. Suddenly they don't seem as confusing anymore. Maybe it's an idea that you couldn't quite work out in your head, but putting it down on paper helps you figure out how to bring that idea to life. I suppose it's kind of like math, I would love to say that I'm the kind of person who can calculate in her head but I just can't. Yes, I realize if I worked at it I probably could, but I remember physically getting headaches in school trying to pass my math courses. Today, when I need to calculate something, I still count on my fingers and I still write it down. See, I think that visual people just problem-solve very differently than people who think with the other side of the brain. I don't have any science on hand to prove that, but from my experience and limited research, I think it's true.

So writing things out takes a lingering thought in your head onto paper, which suddenly makes it a little bit real, which then leads to either trying to solve that problem or expand on that idea. It's a magical little journey!

Give it a try! If the morning pages idea of writing 3 full pages each morning is too much for you, try a smaller notebook or just one page. There's no rule book to writing, which is also why it's so great. Sometimes when I don't feel like writing I just draw what I feel, which is what you see in the photos above :)



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