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Studio makeover or strategic planning? Let me explain..

every once in awhile I find myself taping a ton of paper to my walls in my studio. It might look like I'm decorating but there's a strategy behind it. Let's talk about style for a moment. When it comes to my own illustration style, my motto is: don't overthink it! I like to play with different media and to paint in a way that feels good and natural to me. That said, style can come in many forms, whether it's the subject matter you choose, the colour palette or the medium, there's something that will make your art consistent and for people to recognize it as yours. What I've done here is taped all of my favourite illustrations I've made over the years to my wall. Then I can examine it and see what colours are prominent, what subject matters reoccur, what similarities do I find between all the pieces? As I paint new work, I have a wall of my favourite pieces next to me to think about all the things I feel like I do well. This also helps me create new art that is consistent with a body of work I have created. How do you define style? Let me know in the comments!

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